MBMJ : Posh Strike Bag in Black?

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  1. I know this bag is sold out but I've been desperately looking ALL over for it. Does anyone know of anyone selling one? I LOVE the style. I know there are similar styles but this is the one I must have :smile:.
  2. I love the style too! I see them on ebay fairly often.
  3. Yep, eBay or Bonanzle is your best bet at this point. :tup:
  4. Really? Everytime I've searched I never find them. I'll have to keep looking. Thanks :smile:.
  5. Thank you! But I really want it in black. Grrr. Oh well!
  6. Isn't the Mag Bag the same? Or at least similar? You might want to look for that. They were on sale at Nordstrom's recently for only about $200.