MBMJ Petal to the Metal Natasha/Sasha problems?

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  1. Helloo ladies!! :yahoo:

    My first post here on the MJ forum!! :biggrin:

    Anyhoo, i've been on the lookout for a crossbody, chic, leather medium sized bag as a casual no fuss bag lately, and when i saw someone on the streets carrying the PttM sasha (i think?) i knew that was the bag i'm looking for!!

    So i went huntin', i'm in Canada, so not many choices... only HR and Aritzia.. so after noseying around, apparently the pttm bags were rather flawed? :s according to the sales girls (maybe they were just trying to persuade me to purcahse the totally turnlock crossbody instead) they actually got several returns because the buckle at the back of the bags were tearing HOLES in ppl's clothes, colour transfer, fading, metal plates came off, etc??

    naturally i came on tpf to check, but couldn't really find any reviews on the pttm series...

    Anyone had any kind of issues with the bags? care to post a review? pretty please? :flowers:
  2. hi there!
    the PTTM line has been very popular. we did have a few girls on here that had color transfer issues with the cement color (light grey). i had a natasha in black, and had no problems at all. i found the leather to be very strong for lambskin and water-resistant as well.

    i could see how maybe the buckle could snag a sweater, but i never had problems with mine. the only wear i found on the bag at all after daily use for 3 months was a slight hairline crazing on the edgepaint on the side of the top of the strap, from the weight of the bag being stuffed and cdaily carrying.

    im sure other gals will chime in too. it's a great bag, but the lighter colors are prone to wear/color transfer...
  3. I have a black one, and I did have the snag thing happen on one top but it's because it was knit top with the big holes so it got caught.. but on other clothes no problem.
  4. no problems at all so far with my black natasha. i would stick with the darker colors like black or newsprint for the natasha/sasha. i agree with june about the durability of the leather, considering it's lambskin. it's fast becoming an mbmj classic so you can't go wrong with either one.
  5. I love the bag, but as well as the colour transfer issues on mine (I have the cement colour) the bag has actually ripped on one side where the buckle fastens.. I don't carry that much in it, but it almost looks like I did and it started ripping due to the heavy weight. I probably just got really unlucky with the bag, but i really feel that a $500 bag should not show that kind of damage after just over a months use.
  6. ^ :wtf: oh NO!! that's not good.... did u end up bringing it back to them? or getting it fixed?
  7. I haven't yet. I live in Norway and bought it online from ShopBop. I don't think they would accept the return, as I questioned this here on tpf when I first discovered that the leather had started wearing off from the back of the bag (after only three weeks moderate use) apparantly due to wearing it cross body. Not getting much use out of the bag atm as I don't want to damage it further...
  8. We carry/have carried this line at the Nordies I work at and I have not had anyone come back with complaints or repair issues. Even with the cement color, though I am generally very careful to warn customers about the possibility of color transfer and such.
    Dazzle, maybe you received a bag with a thin spot in an unfortunate place? I would definitely contact repairs:tup:
  9. I have a sasha in marsh brown from fall and I did have a small color transfer problem but only with dark jeans and nothing a leather spray can't stop. Other than that it's fantastic. Well organized, fits a lot or a little, the flap sits down well despite the fact that it doesn't have a magnet or snap, the crossbody/shoulder bag change is nice, and it's soft and gorgeous. I even had it with me when it started raining one day and it was totally fine; so I'd say go for it and just do a spray.
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  10. thanks ladies for replying so quickly..!! :flowers:

    so far so good!! time to find an awesome deal!! :okay:

  11. I have the PTTM Natasha in Black and I've had no problems with snagging, defects or color transfer. The leather is amazingly soft and the bag seems to be top quality all the way. I would highly recommend it! Get ready for compliments galore!
  12. Hi there!
    I live in France and bought a cordovan sasha bag from Barney's. I think MbMJ is such a bad quality! There are black shadows on the back of the bag, two holes appeared in the leather... after 6 months of use! I called the customer service in France and they told me that "because I dind't buy it there they can do nothing for me"...come on!

    So disapointed! This bag was so expensive taking into account the bad quality!
  13. I have a doubt... Are the Sasha and the Natasha the same bag?? I don't know the difference... Is it the same model in different sizes, or is it just that people just use the two names to refer to the same bag? I'm confused XD
  14. sasha is the large version
    natasha, the medium