Mbmj Patent Leather In Gray?

  1. Does it really exist? Has anybody here ever seen this bag in gray? I thought it was only made in brown (very dark) and cream!
    MBMJ gray.jpg
  2. I don't believe a gray patent leather tote was made.

    Maybe it's the lighting, but it might actually be the beige color?
  3. Gray is the colour advertised ... .
  4. i'm pretty sure i saw this color at the mbmj boutiques. i think it was released as a resort color if i'm not mistaken. if you still have doubts about the bag, i would ask for additional pictures that show closeups of the hardware and interior.
  5. Sorry the stupid question, but I don't live in USA and we don't have MJ or MBMJ bags here in Brazil to buy ... the ones I have are bought from eBay, Shopbop, NET-A-PORTER or Neiman Marcus.

    I'd like to undertand what "resort" means! And, PLEASE, don't laugh about my silly question, but I really don't know what a "resort bag" means!

    Could anybody here explain to me?

  6. resort is one of the seasons in which designers showcase new clothes as they do for spring/summer and fall/winter. in this case, resort refers to the time period (usually in between the fall and spring seasons) when the weather gets colder and the wealthy would vacation at tropical destinations. that's why you see lighter, colorful clothes that are more typical of spring during the winter months.
  7. I just saw a gray patent utility satchel at bloomies yesterday.

    I'm pretty sure it exists... somewhere
  8. Hi, tadpolenyc! Thanks a lot for your explanation!