MBMJ Packable Shopper Tote?

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  1. Has anyone else bought this bag? I saw one today at Von Maur, and for only $58, it's the absolute PERFECT throw around bag!

    I think it would be great for rainy days, or trips to the salon, you could just wad it up on your lap and not have to worry about it. Plus I need a black bag while I wait for my Goyard fund to grow big enough lol. So does anyone else have this bag? Any pros/cons? Fill me in!


    Marc by Marc Jacobs
    Packable Shopper Tote
    Sleek, sophisticated and ready to travel in packable nylon with leather trim and a logo accent patch.
    Double handles, 10" long
    Interior pocket
    17"W X 17"H X 1¼"D

    $58.00 0419784151691
  2. ^wow that is a great price! personally i think i love it more than Longchamp!
  3. it's def cute for a throw around bag..perfect for rainy days!
  4. Ill probably be doing a reveal in a few hours. I'm going to buy it after class!
  5. awesome! congrats!
  6. Thanks!
  7. I got the one in turquoise leopard print and used it today! So so lightweight and so cute with jeans and a tee too :smile:

    Hope you'll enjoy yours as much as I have with mine :smile:
  8. Oh I'm loving mine! I've used it all week long so far and haven't switched out!
  9. Has anyone had a packable for a while? How has it held up? I bought it to use as a work bag but sometimes I overstuff my bags. Does it hold a lot of weight?