MbMJ newbie / color bleeding question

  1. Hi ladies, I just bought the heidi satchel in poppy (bright pinky orange) and was reading the inside care tag, and it said that color transfer can occur. I've never had an issue with my other bags with color transfer.

    Does MbMJ color bleed easily? I don't wear a lot of light colors, but I'm worried now.

    i'm attaching a photo of the teri bag in the poppy color so you can get an idea of how strong a color it is.

    I appreciate all opinions! Thanks.

  2. the color shouldn't bleed. i've never had any problems with mj or mbmj transferring colors onto my clothes. some people may have encountered denim dye rubbing off onto their white/cream colored bags, but no problems with bright or darker colors. hth!
  3. I have a black MbMJ tote, and when I first got it I put a coat of moisturizer on it, and a little bit of black color rubbed off on the cloth, I remember. I can't specifically remember any time it rubbed onto my clothes (and I use this bag every day for school). If you're worried about it, you could wear dark colors the first few times you take it out, so that any dye that's hanging around won't stain a light garment.
    They probably just warn you about the color transfer thing on the off chance you wear this with your $50000 white lambskin whatever and stain it and make a big fuss, lol.
  4. i can take a deep breath now and use the bag! thank you tadpole and glc.
  5. I haven't had a problem with MbMJ either - althought the thread is starting to come off one side of my Teri. But then again I've been using it almost everyday for a while now!

    Is the Poppy color really bright IRL? I've been in love with the color, especially on the clutches and wallets, and haven't seen it in person yet!
  6. the poppy is really bright, i took it out with me to drop off my daughter to school, and it screams look at me. it's a really cool and fun color, adds life to my 95% dark handbag collection.