MBMJ Natasha, the third time?

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  1. Hi ladies, I would like to hear your opinions about MBMJ Natasha Classic Q (the regular size not the new mini).

    I'm thinking about buing this bag now for the third time. Yes, really: I have owned this bad already twice, first in turquoise and then in pale pink and sold it both times. Now I consider buying it in black, but I haven't made mind yet.

    My pros:

    - I carry a lot of LV nowdays, but there are times and places where I don't want to carry that noticeable brand. MBMJ Natasha is much more discreet and doesn't get immediately noticed as a designer bag

    - Black goes with everything

    - A crossbody bag is easy to carry around

    - Regular Natasha can fit a regular size iPad which is a huge plus for me

    - Because of the huze zipped pouch Natasha is very safe

    - MBMJ is quite affordable, especially when compared to LV

    And cons:

    - It seems a bit stubid to buy the same bag third time, it's like I have no imagination or something

    - I already have MBMJ Percy in black (though it doesn't fit iPad)

    - I got bored to the two other Natashas, can I be sure I won't happen now?

    Any opinions?
  2. IMO the Natasha is so classic and versatile. I have a black and it is my go to when i need my hands free. It fits so much yet doesn't look overly stuffed and doesn't get too heavy imo. I can't guarantee you won't get bored again but hey even if you do, i'm sure it holds good resale value :smile:
  3. Thanks, I guess you are right!
  4. I have one (light grey) and I agree with redgoose- great size, comfortable, easy access... but if you've already had two and sold them, maybe it's not the bag for you? I wouldn't get it just because it fits your requirements- you should love it! Just my opinion :smile:
  5. I agree - i'm not sure this time would be any different than the other two- of course I could be wrong :biggrin: maybe you should look at another mbmj crossbody option like the groove, aiden, or ukita
  6. I just got my Natasha in the mail a week a go (in blossom) and I love it. It's such a great bag for shopping. It holds a lot and it's easy to carry. Maybe third time's the charm? But why not look around at similar bags and see if you fall in love?
  7. Honestly I think the black Natasha is one of the greatest bags of all time. I adore it.
  8. Thanks for your opinions. Yes, I bought the black Natasha and I'm very happy!

    It really must be the color that was wrong those two other times. At the beginning, I loved the turquoise but then it started to annoy me because it was, like, too candy or something. And I must admit I really never was so fond of the pale pink. This black one is so classy and iconic!
  9. Yeh! Third time is a charm! :smile:
  10. I love using it as an oversize clutch in the evenings. This is making me want to go & buy one...!
  11. I have the same bag in 4 colors I love it so much, so don't feel bad. I wear it when I want to be causal. It's an easy going bag and you seem to like it so why not get it in another color. I say go for it! A girl could never have too many bags :biggrin: