MBMJ more YELLOW! nylon 'goldenrod' will it match 'sun'? acid yellow?!?

  1. with all our posts about SUN color and ACID YELLOW ...wondering what to use for accessories...
    check out GOLDENROD Nylon bags etc...
    i just got this one to use inside a big yellow bag

    pretty nylon pouch! $61(Zappos.com)
    also other items in this great color

    will post as soon as mine arrives


    pretty nylon little tate $161

    pretty nylon little duffle 161

  2. I think the little pouch is FABULOUS! Congrats! :woohoo:
  3. I'm curious about the photos! Don't forget to post them!
  4. Cute pouch. Don't forget to post pictures!
  5. i am thinking of getting more yellow for beach wear...the tote looks great oh well .....
  6. oo i love the yellow/mbymj quilting combo! yellow bags are just so cute and fun.
  7. I totally want a Nylon quilted combo. It so cute!!! they yellow is amazing as well.. mmm i already got one yellow bag...
  8. i know what you mean...once you have ONE YELLOW bag that might be enough...but the nylon ones are great to use as compliments to the patent.....sortof a theme when you go on vacation .... i don't think i will get another leather/patent in leather one is enough! just love it though.....afraid next year will be tired of color!
  9. gingarita i can't wait to see pics...i have been eyeing those MBMJ nylon bags forever!
  10. Wow i love it.
  11. i saw this pouch yesterday at the boutique and the color is sooo cute- but it is pretty large. too big to put in any of my bags.
  12. yes you are right...it is adorable BUT too large to put in small bags but will fit in larger bags like totes and for instance super k etc..
    would look and fit GREAT in nylon TATE and/or DUFFEL (see pix above)