MBMJ: midnight

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  1. Hi MbMJ experts, please chime in with some advice here.. so I fell in love with a MbMJ bag in the color "midnight." When I tried it on at Nordstrom, it seems to be a dark navy color. However some previous-season bags selling on *bay looks darker, almost black, even if the color name is also "midnight."

    I am wondering if this color -- midnight -- has been consistent over the years? Is it more navy this season than before?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I can't recall the MbMJ line ever coming out with "Midnight" until this current season that's in stores. If the color did exist, then it came out a long time ago. :P All of the bags on eBay right now and in stores are the current Midnight color - a dark, rich navy blue. Keep in mind that some people just have really bad pics, and it's sometimes hard to capture certain colors well in photos. Just go with the Midnight you've seen in stores lately. :yes:

  3. Thanks!! I am looking at Teri, the ones in store now have silver/nickel hardware, while some online have gold hardware... that's why I am confused with seasons.. I guess as long as the label states midnight it is okay though. :rolleyes:
  4. I believe the midnight color with gold hardware was part of the S '08 line. I never saw it in real life so I can't vouch for the color, but from looking at pics I think it was rather dark.

    This is the NAP link to the S'08 midnight:
  5. I have a midnight MbMJ Teri from Spring08. I would say it's a true navy with gold hardware. It's not close to black at all. It is very pretty. This pic is close to how it looks like IRL.

    Hope this helps!


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  6. Thanks everyone for your helpful comments! Xi -- thanks for posting picture, I am now convinced that this is indeed the same color with the current season. Hugs..