MBMJ luxy pouchette 'mushroom'? what did I buy? opinion?

  1. hi and just got the 'other bag' i picked up when i got the 'sun' patent on Zappos(see here comes the sun thread)

    i don't know this bag but like it what do you think does anyone have it ...is it from old collection etc???? what do you think...not crazy about not having zip top do you find it stays closed ok???
    i really love the casual rough feel of the leather and it has the redish print lining...fits under shoulder just fine if need be i think i love it.....with free shipping fedex it was 188 total!

    here are Zappos pix will take my own(can't find battery for camera) but this covers it pretty well
    i can't find the description either but you must know what it is no?

  2. Very cute!!
  3. I saw one in green color! Very cute!
  4. don't know if i should keep it! will think for a week!
  5. Why? Is it too small?
  6. no it is quite roomy and fits everything just wondering about no zipper but think it will look great with so many things it is great to have smaller bags like this that you can throw into a large tote etc...it is growing on me! also VERY CASUAL almost distressed leather so would be great with jeans and boots in winter!
  7. I think it's cute.
  8. I think it's really cute! But i can understand you concerns about it not having a zip top... How does it close? Does it have magnetic closure or nothing at all?
  9. it has the magnetic closure.....also the two front pockets have magnetic closure
    will try it a couple days i have a feeling i am going to love it! especially if i use it along with a tote so if i feel need for security i can slip it into tote
  10. Hi, gingarita! Would you have the dimensions, please? I'd like to have an idea of its size! Is it too small?

  11. Oh, then I would keep it :tup: I thought it was completely open, and that would have been a dealbreaker for me. I don't have a problem with the magnetic closures, but I guess it really depends on the bag if they "work" or not.
  12. i am still on the fence about this...still didn't wear it i might get rid of it to possibly put toward next purchase long time from now(time to slow down lololol) haven't seen it anywhere
  13. i am STILL not wearing it....it is so pretty i should give it a try ...can always stick it on eBay after