mbmj lil gg embossed logo bag

  1. I got this for a good price at NR. I like the color and the large outside pocket. The leather is nice and soft. I did a search and didn't find much talk about this group of bags.....anyone have this? opinions?
    do you think the embossed logo line is going to have a tendency to be more dated than other similar style bags?

    I don't have my own pics so I've posted this link...this is the color of mine.

  2. so.....no one likes this?
    one thing that I don't love so much is the lining....when you open the bag the whole back of the large flap has this cotton print lining
  3. I think it's actually nice... 😄
  4. thanks Gianeco....I apprecaite your comment...seems you're in the minority......DH doesn't like the logos on the leather and I'm guessing the PF members don't love it either.
    I like the functionality of the large outside rear pocket but with my doubts about other aspects, this is probably going back

  5. its actually quite nice, I thought!!! :smile: as long as you are happy with it, that's all that matters