mbmj large ukita no longer being made?? please help

  1. I just recently found out that there was a larger version of the lil ukita, and i saw where some said that it was no longer being made. I had ordered the lil ukita a few months back realized that it was a little to small, so i discovered the larger version. I saw on Marc Jacobs website that they had the larger version available in the colors Mink and
    bone. So, I didn't know if I should go ahead and order one of those just in case they will no longer make this size?? please help!
  2. They don't make Large Ukitas every season and in every color, but they haven't discontinued them. In addition to Mink and Bone you can find black ones on Endless and Zappos, I think. You also might be able to find other colors on eBay. I think I saw a Hickory one recently, and there might be a Dirty Martini or Chianti one hanging around.
  3. Great thanks for the info!
  4. I saw a black classiic. Q ukita in black at neimanmarcus website today.
  5. The large Ukitas I've seen are gorgeous. In fact I like them more than the Hilliers. It's like a massive hobo.

    btw, I found out they still make the Faridah too but I don't see it anywhere but occasionally at dept stores online.
  6. Reviving this thread: I've seen the large Ukitas on Neiman Marcus and Zappos but have yet to see one in real life. I'd love to try out large vs. small before I buy. Does anyone have any insight? Is the small one too small? I like a big bag and am not so petite that it would swallow me up.

  7. Hi, I have both sizes, though unfortunately the regular Ukita is in storage so I can't take comparison photos. I like big bags and think the reg. Ukita is a great size. On the other hand, it's not huge so you'd have to be tiny for it to swallow you up.

    To be honest I find the Lil Ukita a bit small, even though all my essentials fit in it (MBMJ flat cosmetics pouch roughly 8x6x2, long wallet, ipod, cell, key pouch) with a bit of room to spare. I used to be 60 lbs heavier and ordered a LU in Coral that looked ridiculously small on me and I felt like a giant, so I returned it...but now, while I'm still about a 12 or 14 it looks in proportion and will look great when I'm smaller. By the way I'm 5'5".

    I say go with the regular Ukita, you can't lose!
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    I'd also go with the large Ukita. I'm a big bag girl and I find that the large Ukita holds the stuff that I carry regularly in my work bags. It can hold my two Kindles, a tote umbrella, my wallet, cosmetic bag, cell phone and a few other things. I understand the little Ukita is smaller than the Natasha so there's no way it would work for me unless I carry an extra bag. Here are some pictures of my large Ukita that I purchased earlier this year.
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1370006730.330776.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1370006743.063476.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1370006753.968071.jpg
  9. I know this is an older thread, but can you tell me the color of your large Ukita there? I am dying to find one of these large ones in a color other than black but am having a tough time. Have been checking eBay every day with no luck. This looks almost like Rootbeer, which I love. Would give my left arm for this guy!!

  10. The color is Dirty Martini. I was lucky to find a brand new one on ebay earlier this year.
  11. Oh my. Great for you! It is beautiful! Do you find the strap on the large Ukita long enough to carry this bag cross body?

  12. Yes, I believe it is. I don't think I've ever worn it crossbody though. I'll try it tonight and let you know. I'm 5ft 10 and slim so I'll see where it hits me.
  13. Okay, I pulled out my Ukita and the strap is adjustable. Wearing it at the longest length, the top of the flap hits me by the waist and the rest of the bag lies against my hip. So, yes, it can be worn cross-body.
  14. Has the little ukita been discontinued this year?