MBMJ Karlie or Percy?


Jul 3, 2011
I'm traveling in a few months and looking at the percy. I want something small, that will hold my essentials while still looking put together. I'm leaning towards the Percy over the karlie since I need the bag to be casual as well as dressy and I was afraid the metal strap would get heavy. Let me know what you choose!!


Dec 28, 2013
I decided to go with the MBMJ Natasha instead..... I tried the Percy and didn't enjoy it as much as I did the Natasha :smile: thanks for the input

Be careful traveling with the Natasha. Keep your wallet and valuables in the zippered flap and not in the main compartment since there is no zipper to secure your stuff. In a rush, I forgot to put my wallet back in the flap. I got my wallet stolen at the train station while traveling from Rome to Venice. 😒😡