MBMJ jacket size question

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  1. [​IMG]

    Do you think these run rather big? TIA!!
  2. i have a hoodie very similar to that. it's a medium and fits fine. normally i wear S to M in other clothes.... im a 34" x 26" X 38". dont know if that helps or not..
  3. I think that MbMJ clothing runs big.....I only own tops & coats but I feel like it runs big.
  4. mbmj clothing varies a lot. items that are more fitted fit more true to size.

    items that run particularly big in general are coats/dresses and sometimes pants.

    i am a xs/size 0 and oftentimes the dresses dont fit (too baggy). i have issues with certain coats as well, it depends on the cut/style.

    the shorts i recently got on shopbop fit (thank god, final sale on that one). xs fitted tops fit pretty well too.

    i would probably go w/ your normal size on that hoodie =)
  5. i have a hoodie like that as well and in all other mbmj clothes im either an xs or a 2 or 4 in some dresses and mine is a M. it still fits well and i wanted it looser so i can put sweaters under it for winter.

    its divine! you should get it! :tup: