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  1. Has anyone visited the West Village boutique on Bleeker? I find their service to be outstanding - even though they have millions of customers swarming in their store they have so many friendly staff members it makes shopping a breeze! Anyone agree?
  2. I am going to NYC this summer and am making this store a number one priority! We don't have MJ stores where I'm from :sad:
  3. Well you will adore the West Village (and soho as well) there are MJ boutiques on EVERY corner. I think the best is West 4th and Bank st...and the MBMJ store on Bleeker is a big 2 part store!
    After stop by magnolia bakery across the street for a cupcake. MJ GALORE!
  4. I havent been there in a while, I need to go back coz 2 of my friends want me to grab the marc jacobs pan am bag.. lol
  5. I was there 2 years ago. Shopping anywhere in NYC is a big deal for this girl in Kansas! Hubby & I are headed to San Fran this summer, guess I will need to report on the boutiques there!
  6. i was just there last week. always a good time when i go although it's too freaking crowded nowadays. i should've bought some of the clothes. some of the retro shirt dresses were really cute! my bf hated them though. oh, well. what does he know about fashion? he still wears the same pants from when he was a freshman in high school. :lol:
  7. I agree, the store can get overcrowded sometimes and it feels like I have no room to move!
  8. I have made the trip to NYC (it is 4 hours from me so my family goes up there every 2-3 months) 3 times JUST to go to that store...is that sad? I needed something from the store so we just drove up for the day haha. I love the fact that it is about 15 yards from CARRIE BRADSHAW's stoop!!! it makes me so happy!
  9. ^ that's such a nice brownstone. i believe the designer zac posen lives in that same building now. i would love to live in that area, but the apartments are way too small.
  10. ^^^ I lived right at Greenwich and Bleeker for my first year here. Best year of my life in the city! and just so close to Magnolia!
  11. ^ which cross streets did you live in? i've been looking at apartments near w. 4th and perry st. it's not the best time to buy right now since sellers are being unreasonable in regards to price due to the downturn in the real estate market. i know this may sound blasphemous, but i kind of dislike magnolia. their cupcakes are too sweet and dry. however, their banana bread pudding is out of this world!
  12. No I agree - their cupcakes are the consistancy of corn muffins and the frosting is so-so. I could live off of their Red Velvet Cake and pudding! The cross-section of where Bleeker, 8th Ave and Hudson meet. Right above the market with all the flowers and across from the park - such a nice place!
  13. I didn't like magnolia either! I don't live in NYC (yet...I am hoping to move there after college), but I went there for Black Friday and the Coach store on Bleeker gave my sister and I a coupon for a free cupcake, it was not good at all!!