MbMJ Hippie?

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  2. Did you mean to post in our MJ Forum? :smile:
  3. Maybe it was posted here to show how much it looks like a hippie.
  4. I dunno! She didn't really say, LOL! I see a MJ title in Coach w/ a MJ bag . . . just askin' :biggrin:
  5. I was just pointing out that MbMJ is copying Coach - replicating the Hippie =) I apologize if this is inappropriate for the Coach thread, Mods, feel free and delete. Thanks.
  6. Got ya! We have other threads that compare Coach bags to other brands, so I don't see an issue at all. We just were not 100% sure what you meant by the thread initially. :biggrin:

    Yeah, that's the Classic Q Hillier hobo. It does look similar, but I believe MBMJ's style was out before the Parker Hippie. I've also seen Sabina copies of this bag that look almost identical to the MBMJ!
  7. Yep, the MBMJ Hillier has been out for years...as has the Groovey which the Sabrina strongly resembles (though the MBMJ is a bit more casual!).

    When the hippie was first coming out, in fact, I was wandering through Bloomingdales and ran across the MBMJ Hillier. I bought it on the spot. It's a great bag!
  8. I should have done my research before posting. Coach copied MbMJ =) It caught my eye, especially after seeing the new Madison Hippies in the Coach section. I think the new Madison hippies resemble the MbMJ Hillier more so than the Parkers did.
  9. They're both great bags. ;)

    A lot of designer bags look similar...there are only so many silhouettes...and so many are classics...it's inevitable that you'll see similarities...ya know what I mean??
  10. can this bag be worn cross body?
  11. The Hillier can be worn as a cross-body and IMO is a stellar bag. In fact, I sold off lots of Legacy pieces to own some of these Hillier bags. I have 3 of the Huge Hillier's now and they are the go to bags in my collection :heart: MbMJ makes some amazing bags....