MBMJ Hillier Hobo in Saddle! *pics*

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  1. my first branded bag came today!!! my fiance bought this via shopbop and had it delivered directly to singapore. everything was completed in 6 days! RAVE!!! furthermore, it's our anniversary today so it makes the bag extra-special * )

    onto the bag


    more flash


    i'm 5'1 and this fits very well as a messenger bag. the opening of the bag hits at my hips :yahoo:the leather is very soft and the bag moulds to your body like a good friend. i prefer carrying it messenger-style rather than looping the handle over the shoulder. but that's an ok look too. the inside of the bag is lined with the MJ monogram (black b/g, white words.
  2. Cute!!! Congrats
  3. Congratulations! :tup:
  4. I really like this bag. I don't own any MbyMJ, but I have been considering this one. I can see wearing it all the time. Congratulations!
  5. beautiful any modeling pics??
  6. Congrats! Looks great! Enjoy.
  7. It's really pretty! Congrats!
  8. yay for you!!

    i just got the same bag myself this w/e, but in black with gold hardware

    my only hesitation with keeping the bag (i left the tags still attached) is that it's SO heavy! i wanted to take it for travelling (and for everyday use), but i'm afraid it's going to weigh me down really fast

    anyone have the same problem with mj bags?
  9. Congrats!! Beautiful :smile: This is my favorite bag out of all the MbMJ bags out there. Love it!
  10. I love love love this bag! I was thinking about getting it in black for my next purchase but them another girl in my med school class got it (and I have a thing about not wanting to have the same things as the people around me... weird, no?).
    Anyways--your bag is gorgeous!!! Congrats on your anniversary! :flowers:
  11. I really like this bag!
  12. Seeing the colour through real pictures makes me want it even moreeee!
  13. LOVE! I love the Hillier Hobo so much, You'd think I'd buy one already! Preferably that blue patent-y one with light blue contrast.:drool:
  14. I know what you're talking about! I sold my MBMJ Softy Faridah because of this very reason. Your comment has me worried because I have a Hillier Hobo on its way!

  15. Yikes, I'm thinking of ordering it as well and using it as an everyday/traveling bag. Does anybody know if this particular one is really heavy :sad:?