MBMJ Groovee fall 09

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  1. Hello,

    I was looking at the fall collection on the website of Marc Jacobs. I fell in love with the Groovee bag! What a beautiful bag! And I have two questions about the bag. Is the Groovee available in the colour (dark brown) of the baby Groovee? And when will the bags be in stores?

    I've seen the bag in tan but I didn't love the colour of the bag. But I think the model and the leather are great!

    Thanks for answering.
  2. the groovee is a great bag. i'm not sure of all the colors it'll be available in for fall. have you tried contacting a boutique? the sa's should have that info readily available. try the nyc location. their number is 212-924-0026.
  3. Thank you for answering. I live in the Netherlands and unfortenately we don't have a MJ shop :sad:
  4. they'll ship international! you could also call one of the stores in europe. here's the complete listing of all mj and mbmj boutiques.


    i hope you find the groovee you're looking for.

  5. thank you! I will call the store in London :biggrin:
  6. I believe the groovee colors for fall are black, wine, and gray. available now in the USA although I dont' know about the UK.
  7. is wine the colour of the baby groovee on the website?
  8. hey, there's a really good chance it might be available. the new groovee is returning and the lil riz, which is in the same line, will be available in dark brown. you should call the london boutique asap and have them confirm for you!


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  9. Yes! That's the colour I'm looking for! I call the London store tommorow. I tried the store in NY but I had to wait for almost 6 minutes! It took to long so I hung up.
  10. ^ wow that's a nice brown!
  11. I called the shop in London but they don't have a brown one :sad: I think that's a little weird because the Baby and the lil riz are available in brown...
  12. Just called Madrid and they let me know when the wine colour is in store. There are three colours for fall: wine, grey and light purple I believe. They had a baby groovee in the wine colour.
  13. Wow. That color is gorgeous. I might have to get one myself.