MBMJ for school


Aug 4, 2013
I love this. Has it been worth the price? Is the quality good? I am trying to decide between this Domo and crosby quilt one..:biggrin:
I love it for school! It's great because you can organize the front two pockets for different things; for example I have my Louis Vuitton Cles and my earbuds in one and my keys in the other. This is one feature I didn't see on the Crosby, it only has one pocket. One feature that could be improved is the durability, I used it for a whole year and you can tell. The nylon in some spots is fuzzy and coming up, but there are no holes or tears. I would definitely compare the Domo to a longchamp quality wise. Even after using it for a year I still am completely obsessed and I would definitely recommend!