MBMJ Flower Hobo

  1. Don't you hate it when you've been watching an auction for a whole week and then you end up losing?! I lost an MBMJ flower hobo by a mere few dollars (a few dollars I'm definitely willing to spend!) :crybaby:

    I was wondering if you guys have seen them around? Any outlets, etc? I haven't stalked eBay for too long, so I don't know how frequently they come around. Anyone have any clue? Also, if anyone can tell me when it originally came out & what the official name is, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much for any info you can provide. *sighs*
  2. Awww...it's okay....that's why you always have to bit higher than you want. I try to overbid by about $20-$30. It's okay...maybe someone else will spot it.
  3. i haven't seen those bags anywhere aside from eBay. sorry i can't be of more help in your search, but do be careful. there were fakes made of this style. i would definitely post it in the 'authenticate this' thread before buying.
  4. Loehmanns had TONS of this bag!!! I think they went on clearance too. Good Luck!!
  5. Tadpole: Yeah, I've actually seen some plastic versions on eBay. They were obviously fake though. (Shape, color, size, style were all similar, but no "MARC" on the petals and wasn't real leather). Have you seen ones that look really close like the real deal?

    fergusondarling: thanks so much for those! my friend got it at a b&m store for $160 though, so I'm trying to stay under that. (it was at the rack or something like that. but that was quite a while ago...).

    Purse-Oooh: darn! do you remember how long ago this was? Wish I'd seen it at my Lohemann's..
  6. do you use a sniper? i rarely lose by dollars on sniper. i either get preoutbid or i win. it's really the thing to do on ebay. that way you dont drive up the price pre maturely
  7. i do, but in the last few hours, i decreased my max bid by about $5. ....Needless to say I regret it deeply now, hahaha.
  8. I've seen them at Neiman Marcus Last Call as recently as two months ago. But they were in a pretty sky blue color. I'm going back to that store next week for the big sales. If I see one, I'll let you know. Good luck finding one!!
  9. aw thanks! too bad i'm currently low on funds right now. in between jobs :sad:
    hopefully one of the other girls can grab 'em though!
  10. I have been checking out both of these bags..but i think they are too pricey?? :amazed: Also if anyone sees one on sale let me know..i live in dc;)
  11. Sorry that you lost the bag, it was really cute. Hope that you get a better deal!