MBMJ Flats for less than $80!

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  1. These are so cute, but I've ODed on shoes and these are half a size too small anyway. I've included link to Zappos so you can get them PMed!



    Found another pair of MBMJ pumps in a 6.5 (in black) Should be close to $100 after PM:



    Hope someone gets them!
  2. I'm sure this question has been asked before, but..how do you go about getting a price match?

    and wait, how is it less than $80? Am i missing something? O_O
  3. ahhh, so tempting!
  4. Just call Zappos, and tell them Nordstrom.com has the same thing for cheaper, they will price match for 110%, so you get an additonal 10% off. Hope that helps.

  5. Exactly- and they might include Nordstrom's shipping price, but you save with no taxes.

    Nordies has it for 87, Zappos has it for 221, so you'll save more than $23 off the Nordies price.
  6. For PM to work, zappos requires the same color and size to be in stock at the other retailer, so unless you want to buy a size 5.5, PM won't work.

    I tried to this with other shoes and if the size was sold out and was no longer on the website at the cheaper price, zappos wouldn't PM.

    Has anyone else had this experience?

  7. Yep, it has to be available in the same size and color at both places. The first pair here is 5.5, the second is 6.5.
  8. how comfy is the first pair? tia!
  9. hmm..i wonder what would happen if lets say we got a price match and got the 5.5. but then we return/exchange for another size? wonder if we would still get the PM price or if we would wind up paying extra.
  10. i was thinking the same thing!

  11. when I PMed for my Ugg Broomes, they made sure to tell me that if I were to exchange them, they would need to check the original site again to make sure they had the new size in stock at the same price, and if the original site didn't you'd have to pay the difference (at zappos, or wherever else you could find your size in stock for whatever price)!

    hope that helped!
  12. aw that's a bummer :shame: thanks though!
  13. wow, they're so thorough!