MBMJ Faridah. Not real leather?

  1. I have always thought that most high end bags were made of leather, but now one of my friends says that one of her MBMJ bags are pleather.

    Now im getting worried that my Faridah may not be leather, so please help me.
  2. That's the Softy Faridah, right. LOVE that color!
    Don't worry, its leather. There are some MbMJ "jelly" bags that have come out in recent seasons, but they are super shiny, labeled properly, and pretty obviously plastic. In other words, you would know:smile:
  3. Thank you :flowers:

    And yes, I think its called "softy", I love to color as well.
  4. That softy is DEFINITELY leather.
  5. wait, so remember that MbyMJ red patent bag that went on sale EVERYWARE that was really plastically? was it plastic or patent leather?
  6. Actually, spaceyjacy is right, it's full name is the "Softy Faridah". :smile:

    And it is most definitely leather! :yes:
  7. There is a style of MbMJ that is strictly PVC and it's the Croc of Q collection. It looks like a plasticy croc but you would absolutely know that it wasn't leather as well.

  8. Are you referring to the bags that were the same style and color as this wallet? If so, that is patented leather. :tup:
    Ipod Touch pictures 351.jpg
  9. Thanks all of you, now I can relax.
  10. LOVE that Faridah, Misstrine! It's so definitely leather, I hope you enjoy her!
  11. cute bag, I hadn't seen this style!
  12. I love this bag. It definitely is leather.;)