MBMJ Faridah Hobo - colors?

  1. I just got this MBMJ Hobo from NM and I just LOVE the leather and the styling, but I'm not sure if I'm in love with the color (I got the chicory). Do you know if this bag came in any other color but chicory and chalk?
    NMV014T_an.jpg NMV014T_mn.jpg
  2. i remember seeing this in black hth
  3. I bought the chicory as well. I took me a while but I decided I would keep it. Keep in mind the fantastic opportunities for organization in this bag and the zippered pockets as well. The color threw me a little too but I let it hang in my closet and have decided that it will look way cute with jeans and heels. The only thing I would change is the lining (paisley) but this is an excellent bag to throw over your shoulder...you cant do that as well with the Softy Tote or Softy Max
  4. i think there are 4 colours in total. chicory, chalk, black and camouflage.

    these are some photo references from eBay :



    this bag look so cute but it is soo heavy on the shoulder. :heart::sweatdrop: i tried a chalk one before but ended up putting her back on the shelf. :p
  5. Oh I LOVE the camouflage!!!! Anyone know where they've got them for sale?
  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag soooo much! I originally bought it in camouflage, fell in love with it, and I recently bought a second one in chalk!
  7. I don't have that particular style, but I have seen it online. I think it is very cute, but IMHO, I prefer the Faridah between the two, just because it has so many pockets! An organizational dream!!!

    I will keep a look out for the Faridah for you. If you don't see it online, you may want to call somewhere like NM or Nordies online customer service - if you have the style number, they can try and locate the bag for you in store. They are great! that is how I found my camouflage bag!
  8. Thanks! I'm on the hunt now! :tup:
  9. I have the black one and wish I had snagged the chalk as well. If anyone comes across the chalk, let us know. Thanks!