mbmj fall/winter 2008 on the site!

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  1. just browsing the mj website this morning, and it looks like the f/w 08 line is up for mbmj. sadly, no collection bags yet. so far, i don't see anything i love. all i know is that mbmj is a lot different from what it used to be. i like the change. my favorite is the foldover clutch. i'm hoping it comes in more colors!

    anyway, go check out the site. here are pics of the some of the styles i found interesting:

    the groovee is back! were there any doubts? it's probably their best selling style. the violet is pretty!

    in case you love the groovee so much that you need a bag with a drawing of your favorite bag.


    cute clutch! not a fan of the color though.

  2. miss marc goes green!

  3. :drool: over the violet groovee, must go explore the site now!!
  4. That violet groovee is TDF, so many cute things! LOVE the Miss Marc. Thanks Tad!
  5. ok kim- now i can get excited to see the collection bags soon hopefully! thanks! none of the mbmj stuff is really doing it for me- the man loves to see his name on those bags!
  6. ^ i can't wait to see collection too. i keep clicking on it to see if they've updated it. all i see are the men's stuff. booo!

    take a look at this one. very 1986. it makes me want to pull my hair into a side pony tail and wrap a scrunchie around it. just in time for the new kids on the block reunion!


  7. Ooooo, I actually like this:heart:. . .I wish that plaque would go away though:s.
  8. eh mbmj has never really thrilled me. i cannot wait to see the collection bags...
  9. ^ yeah, but the bag that spacey likes is cute. i want to rip off the plaque on the front too. i didn't mind it as a hanging luggage tag because i had the option of taking it off, but did they have to plaster it on the bag? did they really? :nogood:
  10. ^^ yeah, your right. thats the only bag that is semi-cool IMO!
  11. i like this one...

  12. A lot of this stuff is a little too Zac Posen-ish for me.

  13. And, p.s., I hate what they have done to the groove.
  14. I love the violet color! I'll have to take a look. Thanks for letting us know. :smile:
  15. Thanks God! No more shiny gold hardware! It will be my chance to get a green bag without it!