MbMJ extravaganza!

  1. Ok, I have gone crazy in the past 2 days! 2 MbyMJ bags and 5 T-shirts and a tote bag!!!!
    Ok, so I am giving my friend a shirt and the tote for her birthday but I am :nuts:!!!

    I wish I could post pics, but every time I try it says the files are too large :wtf:!
  2. Try going to photobucket and uploading them there.You'll have the choice of resizing them for forum posts.
  3. Hello jbcesq! you can just paste the whole link provided in the "IMG code" (3rd link) and paste as part of your message, then the related photo will appear directly at this thread! ;)
  4. OK here goes!

  5. Yeah!!!! It worked! Thanks for the help with the pics!:yes:

    The dark purple bag can be carried on the shoulder with the super comfy short strap OR as a backpack which is soooo great for me as I have a toddler to chase!!!

    The Miss Marc bag can be carried messenger style and is sooooo roomy and adorable (and perfect for carrying all those toddler supplies!!!).

    I don't have pics of the t-shirts but I got the adorable Blondie shirts and the Marc/paris shirt and the "Where's the Outrage". They are great t's and so cheap! Only 20 each! Yeah!:yahoo:
  6. Great bags, and sign me up for those $20 tees, where did you find them?
  7. Super cute bags!!

    She got the tees at the MBMJ boutique store. If there isn't one near you, you can call and do a charge send. their shipping is $20 though....