MBMJ Dreamy Logo Birdie - can't seem to find

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  1. Hi fellow MJ lovers,
    I've looked everywhere online and can't locate the Dreamy Logo Birdie. Does anyone know where I can find one that is brown with black handles?
  2. This was a super popular style for F/W '09 and has since sold out. Your best bet might be scouring eBay for a good deal. Hope that helps!
  3. i agree with rachie.. ebay is probably your best bet and i've seen couple of this bag there.. :yes:
  4. Yes angelnyc89, that is the bag. The brown with black handles is really nice. There is a similar one (can't recall the name) that is in his spring 2010 collection, but it isn't pleated, has more of a drawstring opening and the handles are thinner. To me the spring bag isn't as nice as the one from the fall collection.

    I'm going to be by a MBMJ store next week, maybe they have a waitlist or something...does anyone know?