MBMJ Dr Q Patchwork Convertible Bag $164 ShopBop

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  1. Hey ladies,
    I have this in my cart if anyone wants it. Let me know and I'll release.

    MBMJ Dr Q Patchwork Convertible Bag
    Ultra versatile with a certain '70s chic. Is it any wonder we're a little obsessed with Marc?
    Patchwork leather handbag with logo plate and magnetic closure at front flap. Short shoulder strap. Divided, print-lined interior features 6" zipper pocket, 2 patch pockets, and key ring.
    7"H x 12"L x 2"D.
    9" strap drop.
    Original Price: $328.00
    Black: $164.00 Sale

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  2. No responses (surprisingly) so I'm releasing now...
  3. good thing i didn't see this earlier... might have fallen off the savings wagon... it's gone now... whew!
  4. i literally *just* received this bag in the mail in mouse grey from the shopbop sale. it's AWESOME! my first MBMJ. the lining is adorable and it has a really chic shape. loving the 70's patchwork vibe. i was worried about the silver plaque (not a fan of logos/brand name declarations) but it's not as obvious or blatant as it looks in the online pics. the silver plaque kind of blends in with the mouse grey color. definitely worth the price tag, esp. at another 30% off!
  5. gone...:sad:
  6. Very cute!
  7. ooooh lucky person that got it! I wanted one... but not anymore