MBMJ - Dr. Q Hillier Hobo - Where can I buy this in Canada

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  1. [​IMG]Hi all,

    I want to buy this beautiful bag (Saddle colour) in Canada (Vancouver). I have checked Holt Renfrew and they don't sell this particular one, unfortunately :tdown:.

    Any suggestions on where I can buy this in Vancouver, BC....



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  2. Hey LMW i'm from vancouver too! and i tried looking in holts for this style also buttttt unfortunately it's not there :sad: HOWEVER, neiman marcus ships to canada now!! so you could order it through them! :smile:
  3. I'm also from Vancouver! and I want this bag so bad too haha! I called Marc at Holts last week and he told me they only had it in black and cream but not in saddle :sad:. I might settle on black if it has gold hardware but I forgot to ask him. I'm not a fan of the silver with this.

    But like the other girl said, Neiman Marcus does ship to Canada. I think it's 485 or 458 US dollars with tax and duties and everything. That colour is currently backordered though, but you can still pre-order it! Good luck!
  4. Thank you all for your help!!
  5. hey i'm from toronto and i looked everywhere trying to find one too. but like everybody else here, had no luck, so I ordered from zappos and am waiting!