MBMJ Dr. Q Groovee in bordeaux?

  1. I know this is most likely going to be a fruitless search based on everything I've been reading on this forum but thought it'd be worth a shot nonetheless. Anyone know where I can go to snatch up this bag (I live in the Chicagoland area)? Haven't managed to find it on eBay or any of the major web sites. Debating between this (might have to settle on the nice tan color) or the lovely aline satchel (indigo vs. stone) but the rich reddish color is so intriguing. Heheh. I'm grateful for any insight...
  2. Keep your eyes open on eBay. Once in a while one pops up, but not for long, esp if there is a BIN on it. One popped up yesterday, and a fellow pf'er got it.
    So, just keep watching.
  3. i think there may be one on eBay right now actually. goodluck!
  4. Thanks for all the feedback guys, I love TPF. Certainly have a lot more posting to do to catch with the rest of ya, but I'll get there. :smile: Chipmunkvoice, I feel for you. If there is anyone out there who wants to sell this bag or knows of a US retailer that carries this bag for reasonably close to retail value, please please let me know. TIA!