MBMJ Dr Groovee or Belen Echandia Hug Me??

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  1. Stick with the MBMJ.
  2. After looking at the 2 pics, and the fact you stated the leather on the MBMJ is rough, I say go for the BE! Their leather is soft, and durable and the style is modern and chic! Please note I am biased, but tried to be impartial based your info! :yes:
  3. My vote is for the BE. They are both plain black satchels but to me the BE is more interesting of the 2. You also can't beat BE leather.
  4. i vote for the hug me!!

    it's too cute
  5. I think that the two bags look very similar. If it were me I would not spend another $650 on a bag that so closely resembles the groovee. Just my opinion though. GL!!
  6. I love my BE bags, and the Hug Me is one of my favorite styles. I think the MJ is also gorgeous but the BE Hug Me has such a great silhouette and is very classy. I also like that it has a crossbody strap--very convenient.
  7. oooooooooh

    in that case


    because you already have the MbMJ, and you don't like the leather so much. But I personally still love the MbMJ

  8. mbymj
  9. I personally think the BE is much prettier.
  10. I am all for the BE.
  11. The BE is lovely but I personally prefer the look of the Groovee because I like the handles and the hardware on the Groovee better. Both bags are beautiful but I think they look similar in the modeling pics so I would personally stick with the Groovee!
  12. I think you would love the BE in the black glossy! I just got a different BE style in the black glossy leather and the leather is unbelievably soft and silky. I am absolutely giddy about the bag! Once you have the BE in your hands, I think you won't have any qualms about replacing the MbyMJ.
  13. Belen Echandia!
  14. MbMj!