MBMJ Dr Groovee or Belen Echandia Hug Me??

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  1. Okay, so I've been on a never-ending quest for the perfect black day bag. I've probably gone through ten different purses, starting with the Balenciaga First, and ending now with the black MBMJ Dr Groovee satchel. Lately I've been feeling like the MBMJ is a little too wide and big for my taste...then I ran across the BE Hug Me. Such a simple purse, but I like simple.

    Someone on the BE subforum just posted modeling shots, and now that I see it on, I kinda think it resembles the MBMJ in a lot of ways. And if that's the case....should I spend $650 on a bag that is essentially the same as my MBMJ? Does anyone here happen to have both bags or know enough about the leathers to know the difference? I'm particular about leathers, and tend to think softer is better, so if the BE has a much softer leather than the MBMJ (which I find kind of thick and rough), I might get it despite the price difference.

    Here are pics of both, as well as the link to the modeling pics of the BE:


  2. i vote mbymj...i've wanted that bag for a while, it's so cute! i think the BE is a lot plainer than the mbymj too....not as cute.
  3. MbMJ! It looks prettier and more ?substantial...
  4. I'm biased here because I really intend on getting a Hug Me in Black (but I think I prefer the Black Crash a bit better). Both bags are nice and I agree the BE is plainer but I think it's the plain pebbled leather. Put a Crash leather against the Groovey and the BE stands out more. OC obtaining a BE means a little more effort as it's coming from London and a return is going to cost you shipping plus return customs so keep that in mind.
  5. ^^ I agree. The crash leather is beautiful. I vote for BE with crash option! You'd also get the beautiful BE lining . . .
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    Groovee! I have one and I LOVE it. Mine's SS08 (groovee II), with the gold hardware. The shape I believe is more convenient/classic, can be dressed up or down, and I don't find it too big. The Hug Me seems more of a dressed-down kinda bag.Here are two shots--old ones from when i first got it--please excuse my attire, I was sick that day=lazy=jammies. Some people say it doesn't fit over the shoulder, but it fit over mine! My pics don't do it justice--but it gives an idea of size I suppose. :biggrin:

    The hug me looks like a duffle bag, at least when worn, but that's only my opinion!

    ETA: It's not structured. If you sit it down, it completely melts into a puddle of leather! It's nice and squishy. The shoulder strap is always a plus, though the bag sits funny when used. However, since The top handles fit over my shoulder just fine, I use those and let the shoulder strap hang. It fits quite a bit, I was able to fit a spiral notebook, even my sweater!

    also, that's when my bag was stuffed (so excited I didn't take out the stuffing). Usually it's not that full, so it's more slouchy. :biggrin:

    I like the Hug Me, but I love the MbMJ!

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  7. MbyMJ
  8. Mbmj.
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  10. I have a few BE bags and love them to death. However, I do have a MBMJ Totally Turnlock Teri arriving in a day or two.
  11. mbmj def.
  12. Maybe I should have been more clear in my original post...

    I already own the MBMJ....and find the leather kinda rough and thick....and the size a little too wide and big. I guess I'm just wondering if I should get the BE as a replacement, or is it just too similar? If the leather is softer and size a little smaller, I may consider it! :smile:

    As far as crash leather...I agree I think it looks nice...reminds me of the B-bag leather...but I figured the black glossy might be a little softer whereas crash would be a little more structured?
  13. I think that the BE Hug Me looks a bit more chic and modern? I am a bit biased though! But I do like the style in the black glossy leather.:yes:
  14. I vote the MBMJ because I like the shoulder handles on that one more.
  15. Definitely BE!!!