MBMJ did i get a good deal?

  1. got today on bloomies sale
    orig 378 got it for 226 saddle in chocolate what do you think? anyone have this? it is my third mbmj this year (have the 'lovely' satchel and 'a line' satchel in stone and one chicory wallet i am soooo hooked!!:nuts:
  2. I think 226 is a good deal! Congrats!
  3. That bag is so cute!
  4. still waiting!! still waiting! darn bloomies!
  5. [​IMG]I HAVE IT ....it arrived!!! ohmygosh i am sorry for being emotional am i crazy......???
    it is soooooooooooooo soft...i loveeeeeeee the feel of this shiny leather it is like buttery soft and shiny.....how do you describe it? anyone else have this one?

    here are some quick pix from opening the box...my husband thinks i am nuts taking pix of opening the box!

  6. Beautiful bag and gorgeous color!! Congrats!
    Thanks for posting pics!
  7. I can't stop looking at it! Haha...

    The straps seem like they're shorter than in the first photo you posted. Does it fit over your shoulders if you wear a large winter jacket?
  8. wow pretty is that color?!?!:drool: OMG! gorgeous!!!:yahoo:
  9. I like it a lot!! Great grab!
  10. Congrats and enjoy!
  11. YES you are so right! good catch....the picture i first posted was from the Bloomingdales website....in person the straps are definately shorter but i really love it (not adjustable) and i think you might be right it MIGHT be snug with a very heavy coat but for me it is fine with regular jacket...

    color is chocolate:wlae:
  12. that is super cute =D
  13. congrats!