MBMJ Dark Blue Hillier Hobo?

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  1. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but can someone tell me if there was ever a Hillier Hobo made in Dark Blue?

  2. i don't think so.... :thinking:
  3. There was, but I think your best bet is finding it on ebay or bonanzle. Good luck!

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  4. :drool: such a fantastic color, especially with the silver hw!
  5. Yes a few members have/had the hillier in this color combo. Jennifer Garner carried it in one of her movies..can't remember which one? Valentine's Day? :thinking:
  6. Yes it exists, and yes I think Sneezz is right! Please note that I do remember people having colour peeling issues with this colour along with electric violet.
  7. ^it had peeling issues? it seems the really great colors always do
  8. ^From what I remember, yes. Someone can chime in to correct me though in case I'm getting senile.
  9. No, SCO you are right. I read that it has peeling issues and have seen an eBay listing for this color and parts of the handle had peeled off.
  10. Hello! I absolutely love this color! But like Sneezz had mentioned, I've only seen this purse come up once-and it was on *bay. Here is the item # if you'd like to look it up: 200511277699. I'm a newbie, and this forum has been an invaluable resource; I consulted with it while looking @ this purse. There were several posts regarding the peeling issue-w both this color and the electric violet, as SCO had mentioned. The seller of this particular purse said that it had some discoloration on the handle (it had dark spots).....the seller also posted several photos for you to reference....good luck finding one! If you find two, let me know! I loooove this color w the silver hardware! :smile:

    I usually shop @ nordies, and they have a new blue called "Ellsworth", but it's not a dark blue as I was hoping :sad: . .the last time I checked, they had: black, dirty martini (a taupe-y like color), currant, port, cashew, hickory, and ellsworth.....I hope MBMJ comes out w another dark blue because I loooove it! Lol (sorry, did I already mention that?)...hehehehe! Good luck!