MBMJ Classic Q Purses in Newsprint Help!

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  1. Hi everyone! This is my first time posting a thread, so please forgive me if I'm going about it wrong!

    I've searched (to the best of my newbie limited ability) both this forum & the MBMJ reference library for help regarding classic q purses in newsprint, but I still have questions :biggrin: !

    There has been much opinion on what color exactly newsprint is. I've read that it depends on the line: PTTM vs. Classic Q. I am interested in the Classic Q line :smile:

    For those of you who have a classic q in this color, how do you feel about it? Is it a dark olive/army green as opposed to a super dark grey? Is it chameleon-like in it's hue/shade? Is it neutral? Can it be worn year-round? Is it a versatile color? I currently own a baby aidan in steel and love the color; is it similar? I have quite a few black purses, so I am looking to expand my color palette/selection, and would like to know if the newsprint color would be a great addition (is the color "wearable" or will she be stuck in the closet?). I've tried googling and looking for pictures that best showcase this color, but I haven't had much luck :sad: I'm trying to be wise with my investments and am looking to you, my dear TPF'ers for your valuable input! ;) So, any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated! TIA! (And, sorry again if I'm posting in the wrong place!)
  2. I'm still not very good doing my searches on TPF so don't worry Ameladybug. Guess I'm too busy shopping :nuts:

    Here is my new classic Q in newsprint (as the black tags state) but I've discovered that there is a difference in colour between batches of leather and various classic Q bags! So far, my true total favourite for classic Q newsprint is on the Hillier Hobo. It's a deep saturated grey with olive undertones. But the classic Q natasha crossbody and the classic Q baby aidan bags are way more Olive-Army Green with grey undertones. But I cannot argue with the black tags...it says color: Newsprint. I hope I'm helping even though I'm several months behind.

    MbMJ classic Q baby aidan newsprint Holts.jpg
  3. Oh, I didn't answer any of your other questions. Yes, I think classic q newsprint is quite neutral and can be worn all year long. Here is an older sbs pic I took when I thought one bag might be called 'martini olive' colour but I'm wrong. I cannot believe how far off the colours can be, but the black tag does say: Newsprint. The PTTM newsprint is a med pure grey, imo, no green undertones at all. Next, is a newer pic of sbs fudge & newsprint. HTH.

    MbMJ martini olive sbs newsprint.jpg

    MbMJ classic Q newsprint and fudge.jpg