MbMJ chicory color .. how nice is it?

  1. Hi all,

    I've recently picked up the MbMJ Posh bowler and love it. I got it in chocolate brown cause it was on sale at Saks but originally I've always wanted the chicory one (hard to find now).

    It's popped up on eBayand I'm debating on whether to get it.. or would it be too similar? I'm thinking if I really love the chicory more, then I could just return the chocolate one.

    Is the chicory really nice in real life? I've only seen it in pictures.

    This is the one I got
  2. I've never seen chicory irl, but I like it more ... .

    The chocolate brown seems quite dark to me ... almost black!
  3. Oooh the chicory is beautiful... I saw a girl with a chicory softy tote, and the color of that pic is pretty accurate.
    But then again, I'm a sucker for light browns. And also, you should consider the fact that it might show stains/scratches more than the chocolate brown you got (which is very pretty too, btw).
  4. I actually really like the one you got compared to the Chicory!