MbMJ Cheryl Messenger ...

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  1. Has anybody here seen it IRL? Isn't the strap too short for a messenger? :confused1:

    The retail price suggested is $ 258.00 ... cheaper than a MbMJ clutch ... I didn't understand ... .

    Opinions, please!

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  2. Hmmm that strap does look a little short to be a messenger. Is this pic from neiman marcus? Im wondering how flat it is and what it looks like from the side??
  3. Yes ... it's a pic from Neiman Marcus ... .

    I found the same bag on Zappos ... in bone color (which is the one from NM) ... bat brown color ... and fuchsia color ... .

    Is this fuchsia color the same as cranberry field color?

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  4. Do you think bone color is similar to chalk (canvas white) color ... or to cream color?

    The second pic is from Zappos ... and it seems darker than the first pic (which is from Neiman Marcus) ... .

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  5. Aaaahh!! I didn't know there was a bag with my name! YAY!!!! The colors are pretty. :smile:
  6. #6 Aug 21, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2008
    Yes ... I agree ... the colors are pretty ... but, as always, I wonder how they (colors) are IRL!