MBMJ canvas totes, please help!

  1. I'm really interested in buying the black MBMJ black canvas tote with repetitive lettering. Unfortunately I don't live anywhere near a MJ store. Is there somewhere I can buy this online, or someone who could buy this for me, or direct me to someone who could send it to me from a MJ store?

    I know a lot of you ladies have lovely (and expensive) MJ bags, but I'm just interested in an affordable canvas tote! Thank you! :smile:
  2. call the mbymj store and have them ship to you directly. $20 flat shipping fee.
  3. How much is the tote, btw? I happen to see a yellow one on eBay and I'm wondering how many colors does it come in?
  4. I was at the MBMJ store today- on the floor they had turquoise, white and printed totes with various cities on them..but I have also seen them in red, black and navy
  5. the turquoise totes were 12 dollars and the others were 10 i think. I got a cute silver wallet for 20
  6. Thanks! :smile:
  7. I just posted a thread about MbMJ special items orders, but the totes you're talking about are $12 each. The shipping is $20 flat rate.

    Just call a MbMJ store, tell them you want to do a charge send, they'll take your order over the phone and then fax you an order sheet, which you have to sign and send back.

    since you will be paying flat rate shipping, I suggest you buy a lot of stuff at once! GL!