MBMJ Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Charm Bracelet

  1. aww, that's really cute! i wonder when the MBMJ stores will have them...perhaps in october to support all of the breast cancer awareness initiatives?
  2. That is really cute! Sign me up for one! LOL.
  3. I want one!!:yahoo:I checked Shopbop and could not find it!:sad:
  4. I know! I couldn't find it on Shopbop either. Hopefully they'll be online soon!
  5. Oh i really want one.
  6. I hope it's available soon. I want one too! I love that 100% of the proceeds go to a breast cancer charity. Not just a portion.
  7. just called the MBMJ store in LA (off Melrose). they don't have anything like that in stock right now. my guess is october. :yes:
  8. I agree, that was something that caught my eye and made me very happy.
  9. :woohoo:On Shopbop today!!
  10. YAY! Just ordered mine! :heart:
  11. Sadly, it now says on Shopbop that only 50% of the proceeds go to the charity.

  12. I really like this...does anyone know the mental? I sometime get an allergic reaction with some mental...don't want to buy it and not be able to use it.
  13. ^ I'm wondering the same thing! Probably not silver, but how lovely would it be if it was!

    My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer this past July, and I'd love to buy one of these for her and myself...
  14. Hi,
    I was wondering if anyone got this, and would be willing to model it? Thanks.