MBMJ bags at TJ Maxx?

  1. A while back TJ Maxx had a designer handbag event. I remember reading a forum member writing that her TJ Maxx had some MJ bags although I'm assuming they were actually Marc by Marc Jacobs bags. After reading that, I went to all 3 of my local stores but saw none. :sad: I asked a SA if they received any and she said they did have some metallic ones but they were gone.:shrugs: She didn't seem too convincing though and I actually think she may have been confusing Michael Kors bags with MJ bags.

    Anyway, has anyone seen MBMJ bags at their local TJ Maxx's? TIA for your responses!
  2. I read about the designer bag event at TJM a few weeks ago. So I went to the local TJM and they had plenty of new bags, but unfortunately nothing I would call designer. They had plenty of Liz Clairbourne and Guess purses!

    I never find anything good at TJM or Marshalls, except for the occasional kitchen utensil. :sad:
  3. Only heard about members finding great MJ deals at Off Saks & Nordstrom Rack. Cheryl, I need to get some tips from you & Thithi. =)
  4. :lol: :lol: LOL bag.lover...well believe me, if I do find a good MJ deal at TJ's, I won't hesitate to give you ladies a heads up! I'm headed to TJ's this weekend. We'll see what I find!:yes:
  5. I found a Marc top at Marshalls once...and I think a skirt...never the bags
  6. Good luck. =)
    Deals are very addictive, who can resist them? =) We always want to check out these stores for new shipments.
  7. I think those bags at TJ Maxx may have been the metallic canvas bags. I don't know what the name was, but it was like a woven bag with metallic "painted" on, with leather trim. That's my guess.. They were selling for pretty cheap, not a very desirable style IMO.

    I'm a sale hound, what can I say... =)