MBMJ baby bag

  1. Hi guy's just a quick question, i bought a baby bag in december and paid £290 for it, my mum now wants to buy it off me, what should i ask for bearing in mind i don't want to ask for too much but i only used it once as i just didn't fall in love with it, any suggestions?
  2. I know this doesn't answer your question, but is there a reason why you didn't fall in love with it? I am eyeing one and would love to know if it has something to do with the design of the bag (i.e., not enough pockets, too heavy, etc.).

    For a bag with a few uses I usually price it somewhere 50% off and full price. Can you find any on eBay? The auction prices might give you an idea of what a used on is worth on the open market.
  3. post pics please
  4. the turnlock baby bag? ITS CUTE
  5. ^ I've got my eye on you. Be careful!
  6. When i bought it i loved the leather and the size as it was perfect for all the junk i carry around but i found myself just never wanting to use it, i reallt can't put my finger on a reason why. Maybe it's because i settled for that when i really wanted a Balenciaga? not sure!
    Any how mum made me an offer i couldn't refuse!