MBMJ Baby Aidan in Creme - instant reveal!

  1. I love the Baby Aidan and I previously owned one in Dirty Martini...but I always wanted a lighter colour, but never found one.

    Spotted the Creme on the Harrods website a few weeks ago and am now the proud owner of one! It's a fab shade for summer, and I've posted a comparison pic with my Balenciaga Giant City in Papyrus (the only other pale-ish bag that I own).

    Can't wait to use this new baby! I will use her a few times but am keeping her new-ish and special for my holiday to Corfu in June.



  2. Ooh, pretty! Congrats. So nice with the gold hw.

    I'm drooling over your Bal too, btw.
  3. Thanks! I'm a Bal girl at heart, I have another Giant City in Anthra with Rose Gold hardware, but I tend to use her more in winter. But my Papyrus Bal is probably my favourite bag ever and I think always will be!
  4. I love it !.. i was wondering is the creme more true to color to your first or last picture? it almost looks like a grey in the 3rd pic
  5. Thank you! I would say the third pic is more accurate, although it's not quite as grey as that. In my posing pic, I had the sunlight from my attic window coming right through and hitting the bag and that made it look brighter than what it is.

    The close-up pic of the bag was taken away from natural light and with a camera flash, so that is also a bit brighter than what it is.

    The third pic taken with my Bal is definitely more accurate, but that pic has come out more grey than normal because my Papyrus Bal is looking very grey - almost like steel - when in reality it's more of a taupe-grey and warmer than it looks in this pic.

    The true colour is basically a mid-tone cream shade, in my opinion. It's not bright and gaudy and it's not too pale either (which is good as I'm not so concerned about colour-transfer now), but it's definitely a warm cream, which you can see when it's next to my Bal. Considering it's a cream shade, I wouldn't say it's got any yellow tones in it. If anything, it has more of a pink undertone, which is good with me as I really don't like bright yellow-ish cream shades, I find them a bit tacky! It's a fabulous neutral that really will go with anything, and whilst I did buy it for summer, I also think it won't look out of place in winter either.
  6. Thank you for your detailed post.. I actually bought the Hillier in creme and I'm finally picking it up tmrw. I was really worried about the color transfer issue & like you I hate yellow undertones. I was hoping it would look more grey then yellow.
  7. Oh I'm sure you'll like it, I would actually describe it as Stone more than Creme, it's slightly warm but definitely not yellow and gaudy. I hope you love yours when you pick it up!
  8. Perfect size and perfect colour! Congrats!
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    me too!!!
    love them both :smile: thanks for sharing pics & yoiur description. makes me want to go ahead & order the creme ukita i've been eyeing. i was also concerned about color transfer. and i also agree...don't think it will look too light/pale even in winter. congrats!!!
  10. wow that is a fab bag
  11. you were totally right about the creme.. its amazing and has no yellow at all :smile:
  12. congrats to the both of you on your creme MBMJs! :biggrin:
  13. Congrats!!
  14. Congrats!! Gorgeous colour! I want one now :]
  15. great taste! love your balenciaga too!!