mbmj aviators =)

  1. Just bought a pair of mbmj aviators from Nordstroms for $110!!! I seriously love Nordstrom's return policy. I exchanged a pair of Juicy sunglasses I bought 7 months ago and got these instead and even got $30 back! Yayyy I've been looking for cute aviators especially because it's starting to get sunny =)

    Now if I could only get my hands on the black Irina I've been looking for all over Nordstrom rack!!!!! But these sunglasses have me very satisfied until then :supacool:
    Photo 3.jpg
  2. congrats! i think some of the girls said irinas were all over Nordstrom rack. maybe call them up so they can locate them and send it to you.
  3. Nobody thinks my aviators are cute :crybaby:
  4. I like them! Take modeling pictures!
  5. Cute glasses!! How do they fit? I have some Juicy glasses, but they always seem to slip off my face!! Maybe I should try MJ glasses:thinking:
  6. I love aviators, they are so rockstar. I just can't pull them off at all.
  7. congrats on the aviators! I was at the San Diego Nordstrom Rack last week, and they had TONS of MBMJ sunglasses for $40! Too bad I couldn't pull ANY of them off :sad:
  8. I have those and I love them... but let me tell you what happened to them... Both of the screws fell out!!! I think I was at the mall and taking my sunglasses off and then the lens just popped out because the screw came loose! So I popped it back in, but it kept happening.
    I took them back to Nordstrom, but they were unable to help me because they didn't have a screw driver for that sized screw (said I could exhange for a new pair if I found my receipt).

    I ended up taking it the Lenscrafter and they put a new much more durable screw in... Then a few weeks later the other screw came out!! So I took them back to lenscrafter and haven't had problems since. That hasn't prevented me from loving my sunnies though!! hehe
  9. that's annoying!

    they are really cute though! i just bought a cheapie pair of aviators to see if i can pull them off
  10. so cute!!!!! I just bought 3 pairs of mbmj sunglasses ( i know, a little too much) at nordstrom rack today. I live in canada and we don't have NR so i went crazy, and they were only $30 each pair! good deal. yours are really cute!
  11. I want pictures! I wonder if my face would work with aviators..hmm...
  12. those look neat. at first i thought this thread was titled mbmj AVATARS and you had attached cool images for use as avatars. hahaha. eh... its my first day of actual reading after a 4 day weekend :lol:
  13. ^ I was wondering what happened to you! I was just thinking today that I didn't see you around!
  14. ^^ haha you're such a dearie! :tender: I was out of town and seriously having tPF withdrawals. LOL