MBMJ Airliner Wallet!!! LOVE

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  1. Ugh - Visited the West Village MBMJ boutique today - it was a simple visit, all I was there for was an MJ umbrella and rain boots (next week in the city is supposed to be very wet!) but then I saw this! and I had to have her....she was so lonely in that case by herself!

  2. the colour is fabulous! and that buckle!
  3. cute!!!
  4. wow that's so cute... ahh!
  5. love the wallet! and love the color
  6. That's so cute!
  7. Thank you! it's so so so soft and plush!
  8. :heart: the color! Isn't it always those little, simple trips (for something practical, no less) that get us in trouble? Maybe it's just me (OK, I'm sure it's not ;)). Congrats on a great purchase!
  9. that's so cute! love the color
  10. Ditto! I think MbMJ wallets are really good quality :yes:
  11. For anyone wondering the retail was $188 so $203 I think after NY tax! The umbrella I wanted was $17....so.....i guess I spent a little more than I originally planned!
  12. i love the color!
  13. i love the color!
  14. Love that color, I've been dying for someone to post some pics of it!
  15. Wow, this is great! congrats!