MBMJ Airliner Magazine Clutch--- need help with colors

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  1. What color is the best to get?
  2. I own it in Foam and LOVE it. You'd be surprised how much it goes with. But I guess it depends on what you wear (I wear a lot of black, white, yellows, etc).
  3. I like the black and foam...but you should definitely go with the one you will get the most use out of. However, if you already own several clutches than go with the foam because it is such a beautiful color and it will elicit lots of oooohh and ahhhhhs :smile:
  4. I agree, I have it in foam as well and it's such a great color. It really does go with a lot of my clothes. If you can find one in foam I'd get it!:tup:
  5. Here's some pictures of mine - even though you already have them up there, I just thought some non-stock photos would give you an idea of the color :smile:

  6. [​IMG]
  7. [​IMG]
  8. oooooooo that clutch is SO pretty! the black and foam are definitely pretty! get both! haha :P
  9. Thanks for the pictures!!
    That blue is so pretty I just don't know if it will match with everything. But its gorgeous!!
  10. The Foam is Gorgeous! :heart:
  11. Still undecided :confused1:
  12. Foam's not available so I have to get taupe. :sad:
  13. I'm like addicted to the inside.
  14. Do you have modeling pics of your foam clutch? I just want to get an idea of size when carried. Thanks!
  15. I have mine coming in the mail so I'll definetly post pics when they arrive. but if you hold a regular magazine (for instance glamour) that's pretty much the size of it. A magazine fits in there! that's why its called the magazine clutch.