MBlue jean encouragement from an unexpected source

  1. A favorite client of mine, possibly inspired by my chocolate birkin, came to a meeting with me today carrying a new rouge garance one. (She is a serious banker-type, today dressed in an sharp black suit - she always looks great). Several of the investment banker type guys complimented her on the cool bag (as did I). When i told her I was thinking about the blue jean bolide (or whether I should hold out for a blue jean birkin) she said YES with your blue eyes, you have to get a blue jean bag. And you know what, I was able to visualize myself in this serious setting with a blue bag and not feeling silly at all. Thanks to my fabulously fashionable client.
    Sometimes you need someone to just wake you up a little bit. Will call or visit my SA later in the week (while getting my husband Valentines day ties)
  2. Good for you! I love when I just can come to the conclusion what is for me... no matter how long it takes.
  3. JM, I'm with you...sometimes it just takes a little confirmation of your own thought process....especially with Hermes---I can really think myself into a corner with leathers, colors, styles, etc. that it's hard to commit to a decision unless you get that extra feedback!
  4. HA! Validation! Thats why I want a blue bag (probably turquoise) to match my own eyes!! Good to hear I'm not absurd to think so!

    Get your blue bag, and post pics. I'd love to see that :yes:
  5. I agree with you Jedimaster and Orchids. It is hard sometimes to visualize leathers and combinations thereof when you can't go into a H boutique and just try them on. It's a wonder that we all do not have more disappointments in the way of a wrong color or something.

  6. orchids, you're spot on. I go through this alot lately, and even have to note it down, otherwise I get confused. I often need to make a few phonecalls to my store, ask a few detailed questions, and after all that pondering & consultaiton, I think I still have to bounce it off someone soon .....