1. Hello!

    I was wondering if anyone here has or is getting the MBA? I am very interested in getting one and going to buisness school, but have no one to get advice or insight from! I am currently a senior in college and was hoping to attend in the fall of 2008.

  2. I'm working towards my MBA. What program are you in right now?
  3. A lot of the top schools (in the US at least) require candidates to have at least a few solid year of progressive work experience (increasing levels of responsibility). I went back to get my MBA (full-time) after about 5 years of work experience and it seemed like 3 - 6 years was the typical range of pre-MBA work experience.
  4. I have also read that many of the programs recommend an average of 5 years experience, however if your scores and GPA are impressive they will accept you. I have noticed that about 10% of those accepted at the most prestigious schools are coming directly from undergrad. And, schools like UT and Harvard are trying to increase that number! Right now I'm in an honors self-directed stuy program at my university. I have very solid professors who have written LORs for me. I'm starting to study for the GMAT and am taking a practice test this weekend. Any advice?
  5. Yes, schools like Harvard are definitely accepting people straight from undergrad. BUT you still need to demonstrate strong leadership experience.

    I disagree that they (Harvard, especially) will take people with no experience because they have an impressive GPA and GMAT. You only need to meet a minimum score for that. What you need to focus on is your personal statements and your recommendation letters. Your letters should come from people who know you AND how you work well. It is a fallacy to get recommendations from famous professors or people just because they are well known.

    Good luck! Don't worry about the GMAT. Really think about what you want, what experience backs up why you deserve to be in business school. Also, direct your application on the school you want to apply for. Visiting schools and talking to current (and past) students is a good idea.
  6. I would definitely try to get in contact with your college's alums who are at the schools you want to go to. Also talk to career services.
  7. I graduated from undergrad in May 2006, started my MBA program in September 2006, and I'll be finished in December 2007 and officially a graduate in January 2008! Woo hoo!
  8. Oh, and I meant to say that it is possible to go straight to grad school from undergrad. Start making inquiries to the grad admissions office of schools you want to go to and find out what their requirements are, then work towards them! Try to score as high as possible on the GMAT. Get good references. Make sure you have a strong background, solid grades, and other activites--those will all help you get in!
  9. I did my MBA at a top 5 (rated 1-5 depending on the rater) and in my opinion, I think you will get more out of it if you have a couple of years of work experience. For example, when you take classes on leadership or workplace issues, it will mean so much more if you're in that environment. I am not trying to be discouraging, just realistic