Mazie May...that is one heck of a bag!!!

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  1. Your purple Francine!!! I just saw a Coach corporate person with it...she was all dressed up and the bag looked absolutely STUNNING with her outfit!!

    Ok, I admit I'm about to cave and get the teal one!! It's so frustrating because I can't seem to go to a boutique these days and even do a simple exchange without wanting and/or purchasing something else!

    I just got back from my local boutique because I had to exchange the wristlet that they messed up at my normal store on Sat. I generally don't go this boutique because they mostly carry signature stuff and no Legacy items. However, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this one is now a "test" store, and they had a few pieces that most regular boutiques are not allowed to carry...some Legacy, laced Soho, and even the Kiki. Corporate was there for a meeting, apparently to discuss all of this, so that's how I happened to see the lady with her Francine. I immediately thought of's just gorgeous!!! :love:

    I'll also admit that I bought another ponytail scarf and almost walked out with another bag...but that's another story!! :graucho:
  2. I'm tempted by the purple as well, I already have the teal. Could be my winter bag LOL
  3. I saw all of the colors IRL at Bloomies when they first came in and the bag is gorgeous - the Teal and Purple were my two fave colors!
  4. Oh my goodness, thank you so much baglady!!!:blush: I am so in love with the color!

    So, it sounds like you were able to get the right wristlet this time, without a bunch of hassle I hope!!! And yes, those boutiques are DANGEROUS places! But it is now a test store to boot? Oh my. . . sounds like a ton of fun! What did you almost walk out of there with?
  5. It is a stunning bag. Hope you get it.
  6. Yea, boutiques are dangerous places. From now on I should leave my wallet in the car.

  7. Well, continue to wear it proudly and know that one beautiful lady in corporate also shares your great taste! Sometimes these things grow on me. I didn't initially care for this bag so much, I think it's the dome shape, and now I just love it! I have a feeling I will purchase the teal VERY soon!

    Yes, I exchanged the wristlet, and hassle free??? Well, the SA wasn't initially the warmest I've dealt with (not a surprise given the's Princeton, which tends to be a snobby university town). It seemed like a hassle, and she kept complaining because my other store rung up the item as a magenta wristlet, but what I had in the bag was a pink evidently that's more complicated because it has to be reentered to inventory in the system. It looks like they would be able to simply select a trans. error and have everything work out neatly, but I don't know. She did it, though, and eventually did warm up to me, especially seeing my interest in Legacy items. Then she gave me a personal tour of their items and asked me to start shopping there. I might consider it, but only if they continue to carry at least some Legacy, and I get the PCE. It would be nice since I live so close and DH works at the university (I think the proximity would minimize my problems when mistakes like this happen). However, if I don't get the PCE in June from either her or the SA I like to deal with, then basically I will start buying only from outlets or on Ebay. That's my only motivation to shop at boutiques, and I don't mind paying retail occasionally if I also get the event discounts.

    I'm not sure how much of a "test store" they will be, but they have had a lot of complaints that they don't carry leather items. This is one reason why I quit shopping there early on...that and the attitude from some of the SAs in the past (I don't deal with snobs well). The one SA I liked from there moved to another store north of here. But, I was very impressed with the atmosphere overall yesterday...of course it could be because corporate was there and they were on their best behavior. :P

    As for what I walked out're going to think I'm NUTS! :nogood: It was the walnut Bridgit and/or the Kiki in saddle. They had both there in stock, but still not sure I can pull off the Kiki, and the Bridgit...well, I already have rose and platinum, so I feel guilty buying yet another color!! I know I will, though, just because this is the most convenient "crowd" bag I own! It's compact, doesn't bump everyone and everything, and it's light to carry in comparison to my other bags. I think I want a neutral color for when I can't wear the other two. So to ease my pain, I bought the ponytail scarf instead of a bag! I'm sad to say I woke up with the same temptation as yesterday, and for sure I will be in close proximity of Coach stores this weekend... :P
  8. Mazie...did you post some pics of this beautiful bag, and I missed the thread? It looks gorgeous! do you get to use it often?
  9. I'm surprised the Princeton store was a signature store. I used to work at a large pharmaceutical company in Princeton and I know the atmosphere of that town in general is very hoity-toity!!

  10. Oh really?? You mean Wyeth?? Technically in Lawrenceville with a Princeton address ,lol (I hate how everyone does that just to get the Princeton name). :yes: I worked for a pharmaceutical company too that started out over on College Road (technically Plainsboro, but same issue). I lived in Princeton for a while when I was in grad school, but then moved away. I don't really care for the town, and I sure don't care for the housing and parking problems!

    As for Coach, to be honest, I was not so much of a fan until the last 2-3 years. I noticed over the time that the Princeton store went from leather goods down to mostly stuff I didn't care about...very little selection. I stopped going there when it became largely signature. I was told this is because the campus students want the signature bags more, but now that there are even more business people in Princeton, they want to focus on bringing back leather. There have been a lot of complaints. Looking there, though it did seem to mostly be the more trendy colored leather items (or at least that's what my eyes fell to, lol), so I don't know if that's going to satisfy some business people!
  11. No I worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb, both in the Lville and the Plainsboro locations. Yea, I dont think the pink patent bags will sell out in that store!!

  12. Ha, ha, actually I meant to write BMS and wrote Wyeth, I wasn't thinking..sorry!! Most of the people I know at Wyeth work at the P-boro location on the other side of Rt. 1.

    I think right now it's all just in test phase anyway, but every time I go to Princeton with a bright colored bag, I do feel out of place! Yesterday was no exception!!
  13. baglady, I know what you mean about the Bridgit - what a nice size! I generally use bigger bags, but this one really does work well for when you want something smaller! I'm glad you finally got your wristlet. . . any news yet on your nickel snap? I know you had said that it was being sent to the store and then sent to you. . .

    Thank you! When I first got it, I used it every day for weeks!

    Here is my thread from a little bit back. . . the initial pics are inside with flash so they are not really accurate, but I did get some outside pics the next day which look pretty close (p. 4, post #51):

    Francine in Purple Patent! *PICS*