Mayra Wedges

  1. Has anyone seen the Mayras on sale in stores lately. I tried them on at Nordstroms last night and love them. The only problem is that they are still full price at Nordies.
  2. I got mine from Macys last month for about $99.....they were $120something on clearance and it was an additional 20% off during a one day sale.
  3. coach has them on sale too.. no idea how much
  4. check Coach stores
  5. I just purchased them in natural at Macy's last week for $58.00- They have an extra 50% off the clearance price- I also got the Grace wedges for $62.00 & some boots from last season
  6. You're kidding???? That is a awesome price!!! May I ask which Macy's this was? My Macy's doesn't sell coach shoes yet, so I might just have to call to see if they still have more!!
  7. what boootss?? which macys!!!
  8. damn. I have wanted these shoes since I first saw them. During PCE they were sold out (they were 30% off though).
    I checked my macy's and they don't have them. If anyone sees them in a size 8 for $58 please let me know!! thanks :smile:
  9. I got them at the Macy's at Ross Park Mall Pittsburgh, PA The boots I got are Jonie in black which resembles the Jordana for around $80 They still had them on display on Friday and at South Hills Village Macy's also in PGH, PA I got Yvette boots which are black signature with the python stripe for $125 (ret. $500) I think The Ross Park store # is (412)366-1400 Ask for Bill -He's super nice I have purchased probably about a total of 10 pairs of Coach shoes with this sale -I've gone crazy with my Coach addiction! :nuts: Good Luck Amy!
  10. Also to add to my last post-Your local Macy's can also do a search to see what stores may still have them in your size if they no longer do-Just as an option-The sku numbers with their barcode for the A3508 Mayra Wedges on my box are: 6 63360 74134 3 Hopefully you'll find them- They are extremely comfy
  11. ^^ ITA, Amy, I have them in black and they are so much more lightweight and comfy than I imagined. I'm a sucker for wood wedges.

    Good luck finding them!!!