Mayra wedge sandal anyone?

  1. Anyone have these - ? I have way too many summer shoes and so for some reason I need more and am obsessed with these. Comfy or no...true to size or - ?


  2. I LOVE them but am in the same boat as you -- I have way too many and can't justify the purchase. I'm interested to know how they fit/feel though --
  3. I was thinking that they are probably really heavy ... I have a pair of Via Spiga platform sandals; the platform is made of wood and it is a workout each time I wear them!
  4. you can never have too many shoes , and platform sandles are the best shoes to wear in the summer , and If they give your legs a workout you can say its multi tasking :graucho:
  5. Those are gorgeous!!!
  6. I saw them at the Stanford Boutique and they are pretty heavy. But I soooo love them. I didn't try them on.
  7. Thanks, girls! I'm going to try them on my next visit to Macy's. Will let ya know! I just LOVE wood platforms...they were really big when I was a lot younger and just getting my first pair 'grown up' shoes. Really made an impression!!
  8. I am in love with the Mayra wedges. I don't own any summer shoes except for slippas (or flip flops). And I go to my Coach boutique, Nordstroms, Macy's, etc. like every time to try them on. I am in love!!! They look so hot on my feet!!!! They feel comfortable and light when I walk around in them. I just never paid over $200 on a pair of shoes before. But I'm starting to think I need to buy them if I am going back several times to say hello to them! hahaha :love:
  9. I :heart: the way they look - but haven't tried them on, because they look soooo heavy, which wouldn't be practical for me...

    Does anyone own them - that could say what it is like to wear them for a while, etc?

    Soooo cute! :p
  10. I love them too. Such a pretty color. I have wide-ish feet so I have never tried them on.
  11. Ya know... I saw these in Macy's in the parchment color and HAD to have them... so I bought them. I am usually a 7.5 but they didn't have them so I bought an 8... they must run pretty true to size, because they were a bit too big. They were kind of heavy too... I tried soo hard to love them once I put them on but I couldn't. I returned them. :O(

    Maybe I would have liked them better if they fit tighter on my foot... they just felt so clunky though.

    Good Luck to you though... maybe you will LOVE them!
  12. I love those sandals but can't wear anything that high. I'd break my neck chasing my kids around the backyard!
  13. I wonder if they aren't selling well, they'll go to the outlets?
  14. wow this shoe is gorgeous, I want a pair.
  15. I thought that maybe they'd be gone after PCE...but I guess not. I'm just hoping they'll still be around in the summer when I have the funds to buy it. Hope it doesn't go to the outlets that soon...