Mayonnaise for your hair. .!?

  1. I just saw this old movie Julia Roberts was in called Dying Young and in one scene shes spreading mayonnaise through her hair like treatment. Can anyone tell me why?

    This movie was released in 1991, so maybe its something thats not still practiced in modern day hair care, lol.
  2. i know you can put mayo in the leaves of a plant for extra shine.. but im not quite sure about the hair. lol.

    and doesn't mayo have a smell?
  3. I used to mayo on my hair once a week. It was very good and it made my hair shiny, and the smell wasn't that bad.
  4. Mayo is a great hair conditioner due to the oil & fat content.It can be used as suntan lotion if you run out of the real deal,but it will attract flys if you are near a picnic area.
  5. i used mayo in my hair once and it smelled so awful and required so many shampoos to get the smell out that i undid all the conditioning basically.
  6. Yes I have tried it, in my attempt for "natural" cosmetics.
    First Make sure DH/BF is not around, mix mayo in a bowl with lemon juice, apply on damped hair ,leave it for 30 minutes, wash.
    result ->healthy shiny hair
    but a hell to apply on.....and the thought of mayo on your hair:yucky:
  7. Oh, you poor deprived young women! To think you have all these marvelous beauty products on the shelves that you don't need to smear mayonnaise in your hair to be beautiful!!! :roflmfao:

    Yes, I'm teasing. "Back in the day" there was precious little women had to condition their hair. I'm the age that I remember when CREME RINSE hit the shelves and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! To be able to run a comb through your hair and not get the comb stuck in the tangles? Heaven! Styling products? Hair spray and Dippity-Do setting gel (with old fashioned rollers and bobby pins). And yes, good ole mayo for deep conditioning. :yucky:

    It's really amazing how far hair products have come since I was a sweet young thing. [​IMG]
  8. There is no reason in the world to put mayo on your hair. There are thousands of inexpensive deep condioners available at pharmacies and places like WalMart. Don't do it!
  9. I tried it once - just did it in a section of my hair and couldn't continue! I literally threw up!:yucky: I could not stand the smell! Never again!
  10. My Mom treated my hair with Mayo for years when I was young! I was born in 58, so there wasn't tons of hair products in the stores.
    It is just oil and eggs so actually very good for your hair!
    I have used it a few times even in the past few years when coloring my hair got to much.

    The smell is tough!
  11. I've also read something about mixing avocado and mayo and put it in the hair.. I have the recipe here, so maybe I should try it one day... hmm :smile:

  12. Don't forget those little pink rollers called Spoolies :lol: .I think these may have been invented before rollers :s .

    Oh yes ! Rolling the hair with rags was big back in the day and much easier to sleep in than those darn brush rollers from what my mother told me.
  13. I used to put mayo in my hair back in the 80s. Even threw in an egg yolk for good measure. It did absolutely nothing. It was big in the 80s though. So was the "Wella Kolesteral" treatments. If you want to deep condition your hair, just buy a heating cap and apply conditioner with it. You need heat to penetrate the hair and it turns any conditioner into a "deep conditioning treatment".
  14. I remember the Breck Creme Rinse. My mother would alternate using that or apple cider vinegar after washing my hair. I was just thinking the other day, when did "creme rinse" turn into conditioner? This is sadly showing my age.
    Also, I remember the days when they said you should brush your hair like 100 strokes every night before going to bed to make your hair shine.
  15. eeeew.

    i tried the mayo in my hair once...

    and it smelled bad.