MayDay's humble collection

  1. Hi everyone!

    I don't have every bag with me at the moment (some of them are back at my home in Toronto), but here are the ones that are currently in my student room:

    Dior Trotter Romantique Flap Bag

    Dior Vintage Flowers Frame Bag

    Dior Lady Dior Evening Bag

    Dior Gaucho Medium Bag

    Dior Gaucho Double Saddle Bag

    Dior Latest Blonde Flap Bag

    Dior Saddle Bag

    Thanks for looking!!!!:nuts:
  2. Great collection! I LOVE the vintage flowers bag! Gorgeous!!!
  3. Love them all :drool:
  4. Love the Guacho and Lady Dior, sparkly.
  5. Cute collection!!! Thanks for sharing. :biggrin:
  6. Love your collection. I love that romantique flap bag. One of these days I will get my hands on it. :nuts:
  7. Exquisite collection :love: :heart:

    Would love to see your other bags ;)
  8. Love your Diors
  9. i love your diors i really like the Dior Trotter Romantique Flap and the Dior Vintage Flowers Frame
  10. I Love your Diors!!!! I only have one and just posted my collection this a.m.

    I'm ready to purchase another Dior for spring. Which do you like the best??
  11. Nice collection! I love the saddle bag
  12. MayDay, you have the best Dior collection! :wlae: :yahoo:

    Love each and every bag. :drool:
  13. Cute collection:smile:
  14. Gorgeous collection, my favourites are the evening bag & the Gaucho
  15. I love them! The flowered one is TDF. Thanks for sharing your collection with us!